Behold Benny

The Benny Hinn show was in town the other week. The world famous evangelist was performing at our Nambole Stadium … More

Art for whose sake

The little houselet in this picture can be found attached, like a boil, to the wall of Tropical Africa Bank … More

Not-so-random Thuroggits

a>I’d like to dedicate Locked Up by Senegalese humprape artist and R&B squeaker Akon to my man Captain Mike “Cribs” … More

Lobster and Scrimp

This is from my traffic report. The part that shows the search terms people used to reach this address. Which … More

That’s Not Funny

I am reminded of an old joke that you may not laugh at. Because, frankly it isn’t that funny. A … More

Random Thuroggits

Uno: It is World Press Freedom Day. Fuck press freedom! Ban the Red Pepper, and throw all its staff down … More