That’s Not Funny

I am reminded of an old joke that you may not laugh at. Because, frankly it isn’t that funny. A man is asked why he doesn’t go to church. He replies that he would like to go but, unfortunately, “it’s always full of Christians.”

It was a late evening at the office when Colleague I, in the way of kaboozi, asked if any of us had caught the Tyra Show last night. The guest on Tyra’s couch was a young man who had been beaten up by thugs because he was gay.

We all had reactions to that, but before anyone else could say anything, Christian Colleague II chirped up, with evident glee, “Yes. Serves him right. That’s how they should treat them.”

He insisted that he wasn’t joking.

Why are you Christians so mean?

Caveat: I claim poetic license and rhetorical latitude. I know there are millions of non-mean Christians. I am acquainted with several of them myself.
Okay, let me rephrase: How can a person touched by Christ be so meanspirited?