Lobster and Scrimp

This is from my traffic report. The part that shows the search terms people used to reach this address. Which one of you was it? Own up. You think I am a pimp? Okay, here you go.



  1. It must be some non-resident who goes to Google to find where he can get laid in Kampala.
    But that they ended up here means you actually turned up in the search! 😮

  2. Does this mean, then, that you are a girl to **** in Kampala. This is a most disturbing development Baz. Truly Disturbing

  3. Ernest, so u made it to this “hit list”.

    On another leg, Kalyegira is married…..then I guess we’ll all get married!

  4. Eh, Baz, that gal looks like she is real lost and in real pain. You took her to club and dumbed her? What?

  5. know that dude on the left – he’s the sports teacher at Kabojja S.S.S! hahaha.. sooo busted!
    as for the chick in this pick… beyonce has nothing on her!

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