Emitting a smug, self-congratulatory chuckle right now, as I read this story. Gaetano came up against the REAL Big Brother … More

Dear Eric. Whatabout.

To: ericvv2001@yahoo.com From: bazanye@gmail.com Subject: How r u doin, bruh? Dear Eric Van Veen Chief Commercial Officer of MTN Uganda, the largest … More


Yesterday he was on TV again. On the news. No not Nsaba The Taliban, the other one. He had been … More

Two words: Man-shawl

Wait. Think about this first. Let’s think about this. What are our alternatives? Jackets, sweaters and coats. They cover the … More

Thicke. Gone.

He’s been fired. I had to let him go. And I am relieved. He wasn’t the best flunky to have … More