So fruck out

Okay, this right here…                                                                                         …is fucking creepy. It is called an “uncontacted tribe”, the politically correct term for people … More

Culminating in a plea

All you fans of literature with a capital L will be pleased to have learnt that this year’s Caine Prize … More

No Love Lost

Before we get into this week’s festivities, we have an announcement. The announcement goes as follows: “Vubi!! Dude, is that … More

Have VIT, will travel

I have heard some questions about my cunning plan to get rich by schmoozing with the middle class at Akon’s … More

Dirty word Akon

By which I mean Fuck Akon. Fuck him and his grubby white vest-wearing, nasal-squeaking, tar-baby looking, conflict diamond-blinging, lying child-molesting … More

The Inquiring Mind

The question of everybody’s mind is, of course, Where is Akon? Or maybe it is How many times do they … More

Adolescent male banter

Attractive women are a staple topic of discussion among young men. One particular position that is often declared when an … More