Bring it on

I’ve got:   DVDs Batteries Safi Pringles Instant noodles Airtime Ammunition  I am ready for CHOGM.

One sentence only

When you are in a webcafe trying to see what to put on your blog one evening, and ideas, which … More

Deep as a bottle top

Unlike my excellent Dolce & Gabbana joke, the “There Is No Spoon” wasn’t anything funny. The only reason I thought … More

Hello! Is this thing on?

(Or Tales from the Gulag III) Now, you know not everyone in Kampala is as steeped in post-millennial pop culture … More

Office Meetings

Office Meetings: Noisy, chaotic and unproductive? Dull, boring and a waste of time? Whichever school of thought you subscribe to … More

Plan for the future

Make sure your employer has registered you with National Social Sercurity Fund. You need a secure pension plan because, at … More