Ernest Bazanye is the longserving vicar of the Church of Saint Bellicus, situated in a nice environment. He does not approve of gangsta rap music, but will not complain if you keep the volume low. He thanks you.

44 thoughts on “About

  1. A man you knew in ages past is pleased that you have become more you than you ever were.
    Alfred J. Prufrock, just passing by.

  2. u r such a class act – a witty professional idiot or something of tha sort!! and this aint a chiwan

  3. Interesting.

    Rap music is poetry. No? *turning the volume down but still stubbornly bopping my head and mouthing the words*

  4. but EB how old r u? my baby bro claims he’s known and idolized u as a writer since he was a kid, and he aint that young! mbu ur married with children! plse tell me it aint so…i’m still holding out hope of at least a one-night-stand with u:-)

  5. First, I failed to get a link a link to comments posted on your blogs, but I’ll let that pass for now. To the point though, I think you’re a great writer(don’t accelerate your joy that fast, just keep pushing as hard as you can). Keep it up dude…

  6. Hey earnest big fan of yours i am but i seriously think you should consider wrapping up your act and starting a family. You are not getting younger! i have been reading your bad idea since primo and now am two years into marriage and you are still doing ht same thing?

  7. Dude, yo 1 of da best we gat in da land of Pawa-cuts (actuali SA is competing seriously). Just keep it it. Yo best article (in my opinion) was the 1 U did abt crime, detailing how an investigation into a shooting is carried out, pointing at the congoloese, russians, Ugandans, etc. It was good. Unfortunately I lost the mag in which it was. Am going to look for it on this page, if its not there, please email it to me. Thanx again.
    U ROCK!

  8. well please send me some tips as am trying to put up a blog of my own but need ideas.gwe iam yo big time fun.keep it up

  9. tsup baz, av just discovered yo blog and either you are a lunatic or a freaking genius. but there is beef. how come yo blog is so much funnier than bad idea? its not fair, we pay good money for that thing.

  10. Sincerely EB, how old are u? if u have a wife and kids as sometimes u claim, then what the heck invite us all to dinner!! or u cant cook?
    anyway, as most of these guys are saying, i quadruple the say…U ROCK!!!
    as for ur church, whats the topic for the next service???

  11. “Shokorokobongohese@*@”………in my language for the unexposed in linguistics it means some one who combines church and writing could be as hideous as they come. Come on Baz unless u r one of them who hits the wrong hole and am no golfer then tell us who ur ,who r u? What ru?……

  12. I talked to you one day baz… for like 5 seconds! but u were cool anyway, the person I was with pulled me away so fast coz he thought was going to elope with you, reason being, I’m in love with you. that didnt sound right… I meant, I love your literary work… ok atleast the bad idea articles and the worst idea book. You inspire me…ok, Im just KIDDIN’, dont let your already BIG head swell some more, it’ll bust. you could write to me at frydah18@yahoo.com

  13. rap music is music for the soul. imagine just feeling the beat and nodding yo head in rythm. it’s just swell. and turning down the volume, like hell I am.

  14. Ernest…I doubt u remember me..but I knew u from MAKUNIKA…and was a big fan of yo wierd ways..actually, I think u were my friend’s room (Joshua Mulondo)..keep doing yo think..was in UG recently and tried to buy yo book..but had ran out of shs..eeh! 50K is nothing in aristoc..can u imagine me carrying that around in $$

  15. Hi!
    I have just discovered your blogg and was wondering if it is ok that i added a link to it on my (more modest) blogg. In fact i have signed up as your follower, I hope you don’t mind.

  16. Hey Ernest.

    Saying I like your writing is an undersatatement!! You write very well and your witty sense of humour is a class act of its own.

    Funny how I have always wanted to bump into you and just say wats up and probably chat about what you write…I mean even say I have met and chatted with Ernest Bazanye! 🙂 Well I saw you in Kigali a while ago at the Car wash, seated at a table next to mine and my bro went like “thats Ernest but please hold yourself”! Lol! Well, I never said hi, but next time I spot you around, I sure will do.

    Keep doing your thing.

  17. If my memory is fine, you were the kaboy in SMACK in the 90s who had a deskful of novels and nothing else. I mean no exercise books, text books. I guess you already knew what you wanted to do with your life. You rock ssebo.

  18. Mr Bazanye 🙂 🙂
    Your blog’s most entertaining….as all blogs worth reding should be…
    Your writing is delicious (you can ha ha all you want 😀 ), and reading The New York Times’ Donald G. McNeil Jr. today made me think of you (it helped, of course, that I was reading an article of his as a tab featuring your blog was opened 🙂 )

    All the best, we look forward to more 🙂

  19. Hey buddy. Thanx for dropping at mines.

    Hehehehe gangsta rap. I wish you would define that.

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  21. i think yo amazing. threz nothing in the world like a little bt of laughter, thanx for giving us that. i have read yo articles every sunday as far as i can remember, i actually read and you know, just flip through the pages. can’t wait for the next one

  22. We, at Saint Bellicus church, are not aware of any vicar by your names. Please tell us who you are exactly.

    Sister Teresa of Saint Bellicus church

  23. Now I honestly thought I was your number one fan?! Kati all these people here claiming they are. Just don’t believe them Baz.

  24. You don`t even no me how do you sleep at night what you did to me i could nerver do some thing like that to anybody

  25. How come no one is hating on Baz? Everyone is praising him — as for me, let me be original and ‘hate’ on the dude! For the sake, can’t be a copy-cat like all of you up there, massaging his ego — in other news, I am hating because all you peeps were here before me, nothing more, dude rocks!

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