Pictures for people

On the forefront of the matter right now is this, my latest lolmugabe It is a special dedication to Three333ttt, … More

Mice and men

It is hard for an arrogant, self-important, braggadocious, swoll-headed, shy, insecure little boy like me to ever admit this, but … More

Emiti Emito

Yuppie Marketing Chick strides into office, beaming: Yooo Peepoh! I have just come from Nandos and do you know what … More

Faith in nothing

I think we should all try to keep an open mind when we meet people who hold opinions different from … More

Incorrect Politics

Monitor headline on Sudan president Omar Bashir’s indictment by the ICC on war crimes: “Wanted!” Tagline below headline: “Uganda remains … More

Robert hearts Mahmoud

  I apologise for the very childish, prurient, obscene and tasteless post that came before this. I should be able … More

Still gnashing on facebook

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