The Wit of Sid, an encore

Friday night and the stress that built up over the day has peaked. After that moment an explosion of relief is imminent. It comes in the form of a loud and rambunctious debate about Ganda marriage customs— triggered by Iryn Namubiru of all people. Apparently there are restrictions on who she can marry during the reign (if anyone can call it that) of Ronald Mutebi.
Soon the class is on the case of one particular colleague, a staunch traditionalist, who is not married. And no, the traditionalist is not me. The ladies of this office swoop with glee, demanding to know who he is going to marry, and from which clan.

My traditionalist colleague, with a sly smile, asks everyone to shut up, because he is taken. He has a mubeezi. They don’t know because he keeps his things undercover. Quiet. Hidden. Private.

At this point, Sid quoth: “There is a saying in Bunyoro— if you want to defecate, even if you go deep underwater…”



  1. Irene Namubiru?? Ganda marriage customs?? in the same sentence I fail to comprehend!! About rambunctious I am consulting the dictionary, if that was your intention you have me in a fishnet.

  2. Lol…hahahaha Gusto…I’ve lolled at the “Ekyo nakyo kive muddiro.”

    Lol Baz…it is a reign…even if all he does is wear bark cloth. Aate Kyabazinga?

    Lol Sid…bambi, he shd start a blog for his bu one-liners…they are priceless.

  3. Sure, does it float Cheri? how do u explain the physics? Seriously Gusto–I hate it when I see tabloids name Baz among this city’s top bachelors–he can make them shut up forever- Baz–am offering to chair the begging meetings, sorry wedding—

  4. cheri what the f*** did you call your dear husband? and no, mine do not float, do you have a deficiency we should know about?

  5. Lol…hahahaha.

    Three sweelie, yes, goo floats.

    Don, it’s the law of gravity…the other way round. Under water, what comes out of the body and goes down, must surface.

  6. I experienced that saying first hand earlier this year at this really cheap public swimming pool when i happened to be in the pool at the same time as some nursery school kids from a nearby school…

  7. Antipop, stop making me burst out loud in office. Will u put me on your payroll if my boss discovers me wasting his time and money on the internet and fires me?

  8. In physics, buoyancy is the upward force on an object produced by the surrounding liquid or gas in which it is fully or partially immersed, due to the pressure difference of the fluid between the top and bottom of the object.
    Related: Archimedes’ Principle

  9. Wannabe, then why does a pin remain at the bottom?Okay, okay, just testing your genius self.
    As for Sid, I may have torn a tendon from laughing so hard.
    And Antipop, you know you bathed in it, haha. Hopefully not sipped it?

  10. I am glad you guys have found my experience funny. I have tried and tried and twisted it, but have failed to come up with the funny angle of that ordeal. I will have you know i was traumatised for weeks on end, and have not been to a swimming pool since. And i guess now is when i reveal that i was only just learning how to swim then, So I gulped a healthy amount of that water. I am going off to cry now. The memories are just flooding back

  11. That would be specific gravity,which is ratio of density of the material to the density of water. pins are usually made out of steel. density of steel is larger than density of water. Hence sinking in water.

  12. speaking of specific density or gravity whatever, if you are dehydrated your shit would float, if you are properly hydrated it will sink. i am genius me. i am not leet for jokes.

  13. Antipop…u gulped…

    Lemme call Minty to this roundtable discussion…

    No kissing me Antipoop. Pun intended!

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