Friday night and the stress that built up over the day has peaked. After that moment an explosion of relief is imminent. It comes in the form of a loud and rambunctious debate about Ganda marriage customs— triggered by Iryn Namubiru of all people. Apparently there are restrictions on who she can marry during the reign (if anyone can call it that) of Ronald Mutebi.
Soon the class is on the case of one particular colleague, a staunch traditionalist, who is not married. And no, the traditionalist is not me. The ladies of this office swoop with glee, demanding to know who he is going to marry, and from which clan.

My traditionalist colleague, with a sly smile, asks everyone to shut up, because he is taken. He has a mubeezi. They don’t know because he keeps his things undercover. Quiet. Hidden. Private.

At this point, Sid quoth: “There is a saying in Bunyoro— if you want to defecate, even if you go deep underwater…”