I think we should all try to keep an open mind when we meet people who hold opinions different from ours. It is the honest and the smart thing to do. Because we are all wrong about something. So when you meet a person who thinks differently, I say give them the benefit of the doubt, at least for a while, and listen to them. They might enlighten you. They may just show you where you have been erring in your own thought process.

Keep an open mind. Listen. See what the other person has to say.

Then after he says:

From this group, I’ve seen many places in Africa that they never show us. Please tell me about positive events in recent African history (say last 150 years) that you don’t necessarily hear about on T.V.

I’ve gathered a few:

– End of Slavery
– End of Apartheid in S.Africa
– Release of Nelson Mandela after 27 years
– Nigeria’s return to democracy
– Start of peace talks in Somalia
– Fall of Idi Amin in Uganda

tell us more…..

You can spit and walk away sneering the word: