Unlike my excellent Dolce & Gabbana joke, the “There Is No Spoon” wasn’t anything funny. The only reason I thought that whole story was worth telling was this… movie fans are a weird species. Not only do we often converse among ourselves using quotes and lines from the films we have all watched, but, even worse, even more self-absorbed and even more myopic of us, we never consider the chance that there are normal people out there who do not share our obsession.

Seriously, we honestly believe that everyone has watched The Matrix.

And consequently, when the opportunity to utter one of the lines from the movie The Matrix, (that line, in this case being “There is no spoon”) we utter away, then be shocked to discover that some people had better things to do with their lives than be there mbu

watching Keanu Reeves be a kung fu philosopher.

So, beloved, that’s it. Not a terribly sophisticated joke. Just a line from a movie. Now Cheri, you can kusooza and say, “Kale why was he wasting my time?”

Why indeed.

Have you noticed, by the way, that there is something more airy and languid and lackadaisical about the blog today? To whit, that I am not even making any effort at this and am totally phoning it in, shamelessly typing on even though I clearly have nothing to

say? It is because, folks, I am on leave. I am on vacation. I am not at work.

For the next two weeks I will be slouch on the couch growing fat on rolex and safi, keeping my interaction with the rest of Kampala to an absolute minimum.

When a bald, love-handled, halitotic, scabied creature returns to the city on the twenty-seventh, you will not need to ask, you know that it will be me. Sayonara friends. All my haters, tough noogies.