Emitting a smug, self-congratulatory chuckle right now, as I read this story.

Gaetano came up against the REAL Big Brother this week. Heh heh.

The pun is a bit obscure for the typical Capital FM fan, who, as we gather from the insipid intelligence exhibited during their call-in quiz shows, may have a fully-installed kitchen set, but is, alas, short on beef and is only baking celery.(I am going for as obscure as possible.)

But look on the bright side. This means that we, the public listeners’ audience, need not suffer in silence (damn these puns!) any more. We are empowered with an effective weapon to use against radio presenters who annoy us.

Next time the radio deejay pisses you off, just call in, say some dirty words, and watch as the Broadcasting council swoops in to suspend his/her hapless ass for two weeks!

What is the number for Hot 100?



  1. I don’t even know if Gae was egging her on … but what words did she say? I mean … someone has said `shit’ on radio, before. And someone has probably said `fuck’. I mean when them guys are listening. But now … what delicate four-letter words did said chic utter? :-\

  2. this is my pioneer comment…and indeed the real brother pun is a stroke of genius and hey indeed i am goin to harangue all those terrible radio station presenters, i have an arsenal of words i could use, or borrow a few….i know many sources…

  3. Big brother has probably been keeping beef against Gae since BBA I days, and just found an opportunity to strike. It doesn’t help that the man’s name is Gae, or Gaye (accent introduced), can even shorten it to Gay if he’s really yo pal

  4. Dante – didn’t you mean Horrt One Hyundraid?

    Baz – want to write something meaningful, but can’t remember the last time I willfully listened to radio. No radio, no TV. I feel so clean 🙂

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