Art for whose sake


The little houselet in this picture can be found attached, like a boil, to the wall of Tropical Africa Bank (or whatever mealymouthful Libyan Arab Uganda Bank is going by these days) Kampala.
This little house which, as you can see, has been defaced by a vandal, is on Kampala’s main street, that is to say. It is in a prominent, visible place.
Tropical Libyan Whatever Bank gave itself a pretty facelift, I remember, when it changed its name—they painted the walls and strung up banners and flags of funky green. Passers-by were impressed. They all whistled in awe as they passed. What a clean bank!

Until the vandal struck. Now we look at the thing and wonder what was going on in the mind of the policemen who are investigating the crime.

“I wonder how I will find the culprit. If only he had left a clue. Wait a minute. He did. He wrote his name on the crime!”

Oh boy. Even a photo

Dude, when they find you, say what’s up to Mukula.

7 thoughts on “Art for whose sake

  1. That’s some pretty nifty detective work.

    I have to say that I’ve wondered the same thing. Why? For what purpose? It’s not attractive, nor does it make any statement (that I can make out).

    Maybe he was just bored.

  2. Heh. I’ve always wondered why he thinks `Xenson’ is as important as that. First it was cool. And then it was ubiquitous, but still cool. Then it started to suck – because it was the same bugger doing it. Now it is angering.

    I wanna slap him one, when they get him, idiotic vandal. X-(

    And I love how the new theme is real easy on the eyes. Now, this font size …

  3. For once i saw the piece of art,i didnt mind…then the second time,it stayed in my mind.At first i thought it was a name of the some construction company,because such companies are the ones that go by such know,Skanska,Spencon,Sogea Saton…so i went to my worksation eagerto find out about this “construction company” that advertises itself in a peculiar way.

    I called up google and it gave me many xensions of which non was a construction company.So,i went with the xensionart as the culprit.

    Either Bazanye personaly knows the vandal,or,he used the same method i used,because honestly (pronounced E-N-E-R-S-T-L-Y), i dont think that bazanye is more inteligent than iam.He is just equally intelligent

  4. Hey Bazanye, I gave up on the guy called Senkaaba. You might have have that he was a designing contest just last year here in Kampala.

    Well, that dude is a jack of all trades, just like Jack Bauer; well may be not like that . But he won two concecutive Impala awards for best film. Do you even Know there is something called Kampala International Film Festival. Ofcopurse you are an upbit human in Kla.

    A story is told of an art piece of his that he couldn’t sell for 10000$ just because he wanted it for himself.

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