Not-so-random Thuroggits

a>I’d like to dedicate Locked Up by Senegalese humprape artist and R&B squeaker Akon to my man Captain Mike “Cribs” Mukula.

Let us remember the principle of the presumption of innocence. Everyone deserves his day in court, and every citizen is innocent until proven guilty.

(Sarcasm ends here)

Sh1.6 billion? Send them to Karamoja. They have ways of dealing with guys there…

Dude is a captain of what anyway? Now that he is enjoying the hospitality of the state, is there a soccer team running around without a head?

I am told that his captainship is of the aviary variety.

Correction. Aeronautical variety. Aviary only because he is a jailbird.

That is the worst pun in the history of blogging.

Also in the news,

Pepsi dare for more

I look at this and wonder what God is trying to tell me.

16 thoughts on “Not-so-random Thuroggits

  1. Of course the sarcasm is horrid. Rude. Unfair. Because. I. Am. Thinking. Could have been me. I mean, I have never faced 1.6 billion. But if I did, I’d probably build a crib with it.
    So I am refusing to toss a verdict.

    Also, God is telling you to:
    1. Get a life.
    2. Try the living water. :oD

  2. Money mike is going to end up like iron mike..a jail bird!!Say do u think he will convert and become Muhammed?I think Jamal would be great, catchy short and ‘trendy’..when i grow up i wanna be just like mike!

    No telling whether he will pick up the ‘kasabuni’ will there?

    God is saying drink more Wavah..leave fizzies alone!

  3. Charles Fort didn’t believe in coincidence, so it must be a message from somewhere with some relevance. Have you been reluctant to play a really daring dare in game of truth or dare recently?

  4. Visited Mikey Mike at his office three years ago. On his desk – a newspaper cutting from the New Vision of him being voted Best Dressed Minister of 2000-something. I know my in Luzzy are game for a taste of Purty Boy!

  5. It just seems that there is no way to not sound evil and dancing on someone’s grave when it comes to jubilating that that some sort of justice is being meted out on those 3 ministers. could it be that maybe there is nugu? not justifying what they did, bse it is very wrong, but why do all the comments have a faint taste of distaste? like in bad taste?

  6. God is telling u, to quit sipping that Mirinda Fruity and start on some man-ish drinks. Like Pepsi.

    U only like the fruity because it makes yo lips reddish-purple! Ernst, I thought we’d talked about this. Now I think u need to see a full time Therapist. I can’t handle u anymore.

  7. I don’t drink anything that has the word “fruity” in it. That is why I have a vitamin deficiency.

    But Cheri, is that your way of saying you think I have sexy lips?

    Tumwijuke and Joshi, that is the meanest so far. Era don’t drop the soap.

    Sorry Scotchie, Akon is guilty as R. Kelly and we are not going to let him forget it.

    27, it could have been you, but you are alone. The rest of us have morals and we would not steal 1.6b from our country! No way!

    Timothy, since I am in a braggadocious mood, I played Truth or Dare once. I won.

    Iwaya, nugu > righteous indignation!

  8. Now i believe that it’s the small things in life that get you.
    To imagine these billion thieves had gotten away with the Global fund kala which was alot more than this gavi fund…

  9. I am excited and I am not going to let up. And if these arrests go on, I swear, I am going to become an NRM guy. Now, if the President testifies like his affidavit may warrant, I will push for a fourth [forced] term! Hell … I will even work on his campaign manifesto like I did for the earlier one.

  10. They deserve it…Imagine Uncle Mike “Cribs” Mukula’s state right now after splashing his cribs in AW for all to see and now this. He even dared to say that the cribs were built well before GF. Ok, no problem but who believes it now. People are thinking twice. I say serves them right…there are so many out there who need to be given the same treatment….

    Do I sound bitter? Yes, imagine how many people would still be alive if that 1.6 billion was apportioned appropriately to the right causes!
    @Twimujukye… best dressed man? I remember very well.. If he can cut out such about him then definitey he must be a selfish person…instead of having cuttings on his achievements in his ministry..?? tsch!

  11. bambi Captain, they bundled him off to CID without letting him have a decent breakfast! musajja watu, nga’alabye! and then they had the temerity to make him drive the E-class, not the G-wagon or the Jeep or indeed the Range, but the bloody E-class, to CPS “escorted” by a few dozen police cars. we should all be so lucky.

  12. @Dukesey, we are not through. Even the big thieves are going to recieve what’s coming to them. And by that I mean parliamentary leave.

    @Dennis, first you start convincing me to abandon the movement, now what is this I hear?

    @ Nawe, Aseu, the guy refunded the bucks. Forgive him. Now that wife of his flossing on us in the magazine is another story…

    @ Deg, lollssomc (laughing out loud leaving suspicious stains on my chair). Dude’s breakfast?

    oh, and I know I was supposed to improve/change the template, but this is my first chance in weeks to get out of the office before 10pm on a Friday so…

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