Not-so-random Thuroggits

a>I’d like to dedicate Locked Up by Senegalese humprape artist and R&B squeaker Akon to my man Captain Mike “Cribs” Mukula.

Let us remember the principle of the presumption of innocence. Everyone deserves his day in court, and every citizen is innocent until proven guilty.

(Sarcasm ends here)

Sh1.6 billion? Send them to Karamoja. They have ways of dealing with guys there…

Dude is a captain of what anyway? Now that he is enjoying the hospitality of the state, is there a soccer team running around without a head?

I am told that his captainship is of the aviary variety.

Correction. Aeronautical variety. Aviary only because he is a jailbird.

That is the worst pun in the history of blogging.

Also in the news,

Pepsi dare for more

I look at this and wonder what God is trying to tell me.