We interrupt regularly scheduled nankani


My dear friends, I love you all very very much and would ordinarily do absolutely anything at all to make you happy. Not only because of my pathological need for constant validation, but also because of my extreme fondness for most of you. 

However, I will not be blogging this week. 

Well, not blogging properly… I shall be cheating, by posting links and reruns and pictures because I have to dedicate the next seven days to a super-special ninja project that will take up all of my time.

I hope you will still be here next week when I return. In the meantime, here is a picture that never fails to make me happy.

This picture always makes me laugh. I'm sorry. But it does.
This picture always makes me laugh. I
And another. Just for just 


Alana's first lolpix


  1. Cake—it’s what’s for dinner. Happy Birthday!

    Which reminds me that my Mom’s birthday was yesterday.

  2. Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday dear u, happy birthday to u!

    But who is that standing over Alana inthe picture? I think I see a nipple and an arm behind her in the mirror.

  3. That picture is sad. Baz, we didn’t know. We would have brought over black forest cake and a crate of Mountain Dew.
    Okay, Happy birthday to you.

  4. lol bears and lol babies now. dude, i hope this super ninja thing you are working on be good. this one right here is rubbish.

    oh i forgot, happy retirement.

  5. Dee you better ssay why that man is sitting aline feeling lonely on his birthday. happy growing old. Me hate that stuff

  6. Thanks everyone. I had even actually forgotten that it was my birthday until an old friend reminded me. It turned out to be a great day. Hearing from buddies and family and getting all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. I enjoyed it and will have another one next year.

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