Random Thurrogits in the classic sense



  • Did you know that Kelly Rowland has had plastic surgery? Of course you did. You have eyes in your head and can see that that is not the nose she was born with, that is the nose she got from the nose-store on Rodeo Drive. Cue earworm: “Then you say no-no-no-no-nosejob….”
  • Why can’t these local musicians produce, you-know, music with developmental themes, instead of just singing about nothing? Why don’t they sing about issues? The person who asked that question asked it as if it doesn’t have an answer.
  • I met Antipop. She is small in stature and not frightening at all. Not in the least.


Sentences that didn’t make it into the paper 1:

“You wish someone would wave a magical wad to make all your troubles go away.”


  • Big Brother is ending this weekend. The way I don’t give a rats shit is astounding me. I am stymied, flummoxed, bewildered. Morris can tell you the rest.
  • Speaking of Morris, do you think Maurice Mugisha, the dapper, articulate NTV news anchor, is thinking of using his middle name and introducing himself as 

Sentences that didn’t make it into the paper 2: (This is from a Q&A our boy submitted this week. The question is directed to someone who by some strange coincidence has appeared in three posts in a row

Q: Why did you abandon the Miss Uganda business?

A: I left the Miss Uganda business because I felt I had done enough to the Ugandan beauty pageant.




  1. Dammit eleet! I thought i had these!
    @baz, please slow down on the suprises! If you could have warned me or something, i would have come wit my tall and fabulous alter ego who wears 6” heels
    sylvia owori is an air head.
    Yep. You can tell her i said that.
    Kelly also had her hooters done. Didn’t know about the nose.

  2. Lol…so in short, (pun intended)Antipop is a GREMLIN?

    Of course a magical WAD would make all your troubles go.

    Wabula u and Sylvia O-fucking-wori? Waliwo ekyaama.

  3. Don’t be bad to Auntie, she is a good person.

    Yes..why can’t Good Life Crew sing about school? Oba what happened to Kid Fox?
    Big Brother? Mpozi what is that supposed to be?
    Hmmm..Kurt Voge..bikozebitya..yes what was he smoking?

  4. Let’s see. Maurice Bakatwarabusa Mugisha.
    Maurice Anatolius Mugisha.
    Maurice Ice-MC Mugisha.
    or he could just change the pronunciation to More rice Mugisha. Anything to run far far away from the now more famous one.

  5. One lesson learnt, I also always thought it was a “magic wand” but I now know it’s wad.
    Baz us short people we can intimidate. Just like Antipop.

  6. Antipop cannot even work the sliding doors. The detactor dont tell she is there. She gatta wait for Ativans to go ahead. Who is Ativans by the way? You know in Katakwi there is no internet

  7. Cheri but you could have sent it in the mail. Now I cant show face at BHH. Ativans isnt him and her? DAMN! But still Antipop cant work them doors without a tall order

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