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signing my own death warrant

signing my own death warrant

But at least it might make him finally update his blog.

Get it? Geddit? Get it

Meanwhile, I have five minutes free. I wonder if I can freestyle a post…

Mountain Dew is selling faster than any soda I have ever seen newly  introduced to our office caferteria. It has come to the point where I have to get a couple to store in my desk drawer the moment I walk in, because I won’t be able to buy any after eleven. It will be sold out.

Why is this? This drink does not taste that much better than Safi (which is, by the way, the S.I. Unit of tasting good in the soft drinks catergory) so how come it has so many people clamouring for it?

Mountain Dew is ADDICTIVE, that’s why! Exclamation mark! Crack! Drugs!

A number of Mountain Dew consumers in various places on the internet that are not authoritative enough to be linked to have suggested that MD is highly addictive. They speak of quaffing five or six cans a day (they live in places with cans) and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they cannot get their fix. This shit is like crack, y’all.

Or not really. The fact is it isn’t the MD that is addictive, it is the caffeine in it that is. It has a pretty high caffeine content for a soft drink and people here seem to prefer to get their jolt from a cold soda instead of from Jajja Fellie’s Lighting 187 Special (that is what I call her extra-strong brew. She calls it Nga Eya Ndawula. Ndawula, my boss, is this office’s other caffeine-junkie).

Now, I need to get back to researching on Boyz II Men and Joe. Xena, bring that crate.