The Ballad Of Black Bosco

What does a novelist do when he or she (he in this case) finds himself in Uganda, where neither Penguin, Random House, Barnes nor Noble ever set foot? Does he fly to America? But he wasn’t given a visa. So does he then not write the novel. That’s what I did.
Or that’s what I thought. Until the idle typing I had been doing in between bits of actual work at office began to take the shape of a real story and not a blog post, so I just went ahead and wrote it. I had a novel there.

So, what does a novelist do when he has a novel and Random House, Penguin, Barnes and Noble still haven’t called? He lets the novel gather dust on a C-Drive somewhere.

Actually, I wrote this so long ago, the computer I typed it on is actually junk now. It was in 2007 those prehistoric ends.

So what does a novelist do when he finds it on a backup CD and thinks, hey, someone might enjoy reading this?

He puts it up online and says, well, if you want to read it, please take a look. It’s funny. You might like it.

It’s a PDF file, right here.

19 thoughts on “The Ballad Of Black Bosco

  1. So you are the reason i was not productive yesterday afternoon and had a late night. I love the book, its hilarious and i want more. You have a way with words. Will try and so a review at mines. By the way i would so buy your book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hi i was looking for your book, Worst Idea. The bookshops i have been to say it’s out of stock. Where can i get a copy?

  3. Ernest, why don’t you come by here? Seriously, you just might get something. Alternatively, look up a guy called Bruce Cook of Cook Communication/AuthorMe, and you might have a few ideas.
    Gonna read this, and who knows… b

  4. Damn, yo gooddddddddddd! Ernest i enyoyed every bit of The Ballad Of Black Bosco. Can i review it in the next issue of my magazine which is sold here ( i mean in outside countries)?

  5. Baz!!! I really hope u posted a few pages of the book and not the whole of it……. 😦 Yo a great writer and I feel bad u have to put it on here for free……. Let’s all brainstorm together, perhaps we will find a publisher……

  6. Its 2014 and am still saying…….This entirely is a great idea and an amazing book. its a shame you haven’t received that call yet. But what do we know? They must have run out of credit.. because its the only reason i could think of.

  7. From the very first time a friend recommended this book, I have looked and searched high and low to no avail, until last week- I have read it twice now and I still love it- thank you for your generosity bwana Ernest.

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