Urban Legend Kampala

This is a trailer. This is a taste. This is the little thing before the big thing. This is the whispery whistle before the full blast of the fart of one of the funkiest bowels of bloggery. This is the teaser for Urban Legend Kampala, the next step in the evolution of blogging.

First spot.

SleekandWild: a man who is so badass that he is actually two people and both of them are fraught with danger and concealed weaponry that massacres every single Monday.

Erique: the man who does the electric boogaloo next to real live electricity sockets, using live boogers extracted from his own nose and science, even after months of study, has yet to find out how one man can get so much phlegm out of one nose…

Streetsider: a man who says Motozela and makes it sound like a filthy word because he is so full of darkness that he can make any word sound filthy, a man who therefore eats Mountain Dew bottletops and shits out shuriken…

And finally, Myself, Mr Ernest Bazanye, a man who wears a full body boot so that when I kick an ass my entire being is involved in the process…

… have all come together to present some shit that will make your eyes quiver.

Because you know us. You have seen our work. You know what we are capable of.

And now we done gone and did it.

14 thoughts on “Urban Legend Kampala

  1. I like it already. Gundi in ‘That’s Life Mwattu’ would have said, ‘You guys are capable and flying away’ or something to that effect

  2. I shall keep all business ventures out of reach of this A plan/team till they succeed!

    You guys are brutally Hilarious! I hate to say this but it is gr8 work. I definitely would not want you to point your guns at me … LOL!!!

  3. I dont know how uve accumulated so much shit in ur head guys but u know what..it makes me laugh when i read ur pieces.

  4. まつげカーラーことができます になる 眼鏡ベストを身に着けている女性 buddie。うまくいけば、提案は単純な
    であなたを助けた いくつかの方法。この傑作 されている 65000 ユーロで提供を になる 組み込まれて米国 $86,000 付加価値税。については 内私 知恵端は neatest を見たとき のペア メガネ
    上、 で小さな男の子 崇拝の場所。丸い顔線量等しくないだから いくつかにあなたのため 赤ちゃんの脂肪の顔。

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