is live

And finally, I am able, with no compunction, hesitation, second-guessing or remorse to finally tell you whasgono.

I’m not going to stop blogging at this dump here, but I am moving into other areas. Starting Teusday I shall be working for and The first link is live. The second is on the way. Ugandans are the ones delivering and you know how they are with keeping time.

Hope you will pass by, check out, like things, leave comments, link back, forward addresses, and we take and together we build this nation of ours.

Please, follow me. Let’s go. This way.



  1. Kyali, encourage Batooro to start reading, we don’t like reading mob things, and yet, that’s the only way we shall develop kyali…

  2. Baz, is the shizzy! It is the way to (have) go(ne)!!

    Not that I am telling you what to do but I hope you are planning for charging for add space, the ‘Bazz side’ of news etc.

    I can so see this huge (big) picture of where is/can go in my mind. It is so huge, I am jelous!

    Ok, that last bit was not supposed to come out.

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