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Okay, web 2.0 new media Ugandan blogger comment on the events that have stunned our city, Kampala.

As you know, we woke up  this morning to news that two bombs went off at different points in our city and have killed 64 people by last count. Several more are injured. We don’t know who, so right now everyone is on mobile phones, on facebook, on Gmail looking for a sign that everyone else is okay.

Because of the location of the attacks, for once, it’s us, The Web 2.0 generation, that is affected, so we are watching our twitter and facebook feeds with trepidation, like any second now…

It’s too early to say who is responsible or why, and even though it is whispered abroad that it was a pair of suicide bombings staged by Al-Shahab, the Somali terrorist organization. We should know by now that the truth doesn’t get here that soon and that any conclusions now would be premature.

If you’re good check in and let us know. If you know who is not, tell us.

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