Rapper 50 Cent has been famous for four things.

  • Rapping about how much fun it is to shoot people and sell drugs.
  • Unsuccessfully trying to act in mediocre movies.
  • That episode of the Boondocks of Soul Plane.
  • Having forearms the size of trees and  a chest as broad as a door.  And why not? As a multimillionaire rapper, he had access to the best steroids money could buy.

But that ‘s all about to chance as 50 (also knows as Curtis Jackson) prepares for the next artistic challenge before him.

50 (also known, by the way, as Booboo. No, really. That’s  one of his nicknames) is  preparing to play the role of a cancer-striken football player in a film titled Things fall Apart.

Part of these preparations include shedding 54 pounds (or in Ugandan currency, 24 kgs) in weight to play the part convincingly. The result is that what was formerly a black hulk of rap now looks like this.

Yes. If you needed any further proof that Booboo was descended from the slopes of the Great Mount Elgon, there you go. Dude looks just like Form Four georgraphy teacher Mr Mukwaase Henry.

Of course American musicians are not the only ones venturing into the movie business. Even here at home we have occasionally seen recording artists try their hand at this movie lark. Julianna was in something called (Shit. I’ve all forgotten) and Bobi Wine starred in that thing with the name misspelled.

None has gone to such great lengths as not eating for six months, but if Curtis has started at trend, we look forward to seeing…

  • Straka loses mob kgs  to play a poor village belle struggling to make it through poverty and gender discrimination in A Woman’s Work.
  • Julianna loses her weave to play a poor urban belle struggling to make it in spite of kaweke in Hair Raiser
  • Sweet Kid loses his fake accent  to play a teacher who inspires a class of inner-city youth to success.
  • Rabadaba loses his sunglases to play a chap who actually has eyes.