There is an ancient African wise saying that goes, “You can’t save everyone, but never let it be said that you never saved anyone.”
You are going to party on Saturday the 8th anyway. You are going to drink and dance and be fabulous as you usually do, so why not do it with the Piff? They are very cool people, human beings of the finest caliber. I swear on it and no one will ever contradict me.
The Piff is an organization I am involved with which, among other things, supports a small orphanage out of town, (Details here ). The kids need quite a bit of money. Because they are kids in an orphanage (you really must click  this for details better rendered) so what’s going to happen is  you are going to buy a ticket for a fundraising party to be held next Sato.
Holler at me for a ticket and we go.  Because there is an Ancient African saying that goes,  “These kids need you to hit this proggie. So let’s buy these tickets.”