Random Thurrogits Again.

Whatever Lynn Truss is smoking, I want some.

Degstar, your uncle and my nephew, posted about Rehema Kutesa, who is in need of help. And then posted an update on how  this help can be delivered. BHH is coming  up. You guys, we represent.

Somewhere in Wina Classic’s new store in Garden City you will find a pair of shoes—sneakers—going for 350,000 shillings. Listen. If you must insult me, just call me a disgusting streak of residue staining the latrine wall of society to my freaking face. Don’t go around in circles of simanyi trying to sell me sneakers at 350,000shillings as if they have a 3.2megapixel camera and GPRS-Edge connectivity and dual sim-card capacity in them. Nttsssss.

They say every guy wishes he was Barney. A lot of guys think they are Barney. A few guys actually are.

I have writer’s block. Can you tell? I am convinced now that the reason I will never be one of those writers is that I can never just tell you what I think or how I feel about things. So there will never be that connection with me that you develop with those writers who express some emotion or some idea that you yourself have experienced right there in your own heart and mind. That sense of kinship, we will never share it. Because the most I can do is tell you a fragile lie, or a coy joke, or a completely meaningless gust of fairydust.



  1. OK. dude, the only;y reason you ain’t connecting with chaps is because you are not talking dirty sexy money; not in that order but at least with those as your main themes.

    Tell about what positions you like assume when doing the nasty…that way when we meet you in garden city and we an say to the guys (or really fine chicks we are waking with ‘ that guy can do the humming bird”)

    Also, I recommend you start posting pictures of your penis one at the start of every week, and at the end; gives the audience sth to look forward to. What?! It worked for me.

  2. Ah, Baz. It is your great gift to be able to touch people with humor (which has its own universal appeal). I envy you your ability to be able to write separately (and fantastically). Being able to connect with “inner emotion” and the “human experience” isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

  3. Fairydust, skz. Completely pointless ramblings that look like words from afar. But upon close scrutiny turn out to a waste of your time.

    My Dear Princess, I don’t mind being a humorist instead of Paulo Coelho, but I’ve always wondered why I write jokes instead of you know, Paulo Coelho things. How is it decided that one shall do one and not the other?

    Spartakuss. Nice try but you shall never see my peanuts. EVER!

  4. as for those outrageously priced shoes…well…imagine Kampalans who tote half million costing phones while they are still living in their parents boys quarters because they somehow do not have a stable income.

  5. iwaya is speaking to me(js wanted to speak about my phone)…there.done.now i feel good.but u man,Paulo read Saki and said ‘oh shit,i wish i cd write like this.but im stuck with being serious,and sensible and connecting with pple.dang!’.it’s not really a choice,one writes what comes easily(easier)..case of ussain bolt asking y he can’t be a sellasie

  6. now you break my heart. I had always hoped that you would one day become “those writers”.

    And you may have broken Spartakuss’ heart too. That he shall never see your “peanuts”.

  7. That rss feature on your blog here is magnificent, you should tell more folks about it in your upcoming post. I haven’t noted it for the first couple of times, now I’m using it each morning to check on any updates. I’m on a very slow dial-up link in Jakarta and it’s quite frustrating to sit there and wait for such a long time ’til the page loads… but hey, I just found your rss page and added it to the Google Reader and there you are… I’m always up-to-date! Well pal, keep up the good work and make that rss button a little bigger so that other people can enjoy that as well 😛

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