One of the top stories in Ugandan politics last week was the results of the FDC flag-bearers race. The competition to see who will represent the party if they field a candidate for the next presidential election was between Gen Mugisha Muntu and Col Kiiza Besigye. Besigye won and the implications of this contest are still being discussed in more intellectual circles but we don’t want the common yuppie on the streets to be left out. So, to keep you in the loop, we have translated pretty much every interview Mugisha Muntu will give on the subject into simple, easy-to-grasp, yuppie slang, as follows.

Q: Boss, what up.

A: I’m easy.

Q: Guy, I hear that elections, what, Besigye, what, flag bearer, simanyi what?

A: Man, it was a hard paper.

Q: Those things?

A: You know.

Q: Otherwise?

A: I’m easy otherwise.

You’re up to date.



  1. Baz warrup what!.!! this shit is killa what.!!

    PS. that boobooshweetiemunch jazz has left me almost peeing on myself.

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