I don’t like to think of myself as a petty little bitch, but I probably am exactly that. I just defriended a colleague of mine from facebook because I don’t like his English.

He’s a pleasant enough fellow. Every time he sees me in the corridors he shouts, “Eh, that’s a bad idea! Lol!” so I wince, though I don’t say anything, because he means well, but besides that, we don’t have much conversation.

We were until lately friends on facebook as well and he was almost as prolific as I am in his updates.

The problem is not that his updates are written in a lopsidey pidgin that he thinks is English. That’s not the issue. A lot of people write and speak broken English. If you are not an English teacher or in any other way professionally obliged to communicate in proper English, then, though it may be a bit irritating sometimes, it really isn’t reason enough to completely defenestrate you.

Problem is that he is a journalist.

And he does it all the time.

And they are realy really really bad.

Half the time I can’t make out what he’s trying to say. The other half I’m convinced he isn’t trying at all. He’s just sitting on the keyboard. The resultant status message is his ass typing.

I don’t expect too much from Ugandan journalists, do I? I mean, we are a bunch of idiots and everyone knows that, so why should I expect our facebook updates to be better written than our newspapers?

I am a petty bitch. I shouldn’t have defriended the guy.

But how do you misspell the word “daft”?