A post that should have a photo in it but does not

There is a statue of an elephant at the entrance of Nakumatt Oasis shopping mall Kampala. It stands about five feet high and is a reasonably good statue. It looks like an elephant should. None of this “abstract representation of elephant-ness” or “symbolic of elephantitude” that “artists” use when they, as I suspect, can’t be bothered to actually make a proper statue but really want the cheque.

If people hate what they don’t understand, then that would explain my attitude towards abstract art. I see abstract art and I want to stab it in the neck. And then I begin to hate myself because my anger itself has taken a cue from the painting and expressed itself in an abstract form.

There is an elephant at the entrance to the mall.

I was at the mall the other night, after BHH, and looking over at the mall entrance, was able to watch how others observe the elephant. When it’s late and there are not too many people around, the strange men who walk in and out of supermarkets after ten in the night will indulge a strange itch of curiosity. They look, keenly, discreetly, or blatantly, at the back of the elephant.

Because you will be surprised how many people have wondered, just as you have, whether that statue is anatomically correct.



  1. so what did you find,when you looked at the back? and after ten,is the best time to check this out. i should see..

    Oh by the way i heard of a female Blogger that tried to ‘climb’ said Elephant one night,after to many drinks.

  2. @Baz that elephant IS weird!

    @normzo I climbed the elephant, I didn’t TRY to. @jny23 and I do not mean sexually. I blame my fiance and those crazy boys who play top notch rugby or a certain team. But I realize there is nothing I can say about being on top of that elephant that won’t sound sexual so mmmhmmmm! Think what you may guys 🙂 I’m already shuddering at the disses this will generate 🙂

  3. @Brentaka So you are the blogger that climbed the elephant. hahaa, i heard the rumors and now i find the you..

    I like the statement “I realise there is nothing i can say about being on top of that elephant that won’t sound sexual” Hmmmm.

  4. hahaha @Brentaka climbed the Oasis elephant. Poor thing.

    @Baz; now that Bre as confessed, do you now make out the elephant’s sexuality?

  5. I have walked past that elephant countless times and have never oncec considered to check if it is anatomically correct, the thought never crossed my mind…does that mean there is something wrong with me?

    Now I’m curious…is it anatomically correct?

  6. @Brentaka, you clearly have much more in common with a certain Kenyan named Barasa than names that start with B. Back in 1998, this dude actually tried to milk a bona-fide living, breathing, lactating and very wide awake elephant. He lived to tell the story, but no part of that story had anything to do with elephant milk.

  7. @ LA: I expect so! I always had a hunch that almost all other people were seedy and mentally damaged.

  8. Baz, What part of the anatomy is missing? Or is it that some of the elephant’s parts are not elephantine in proportion?

    BTW Brentaka, you may want to know that ‘climbing the elephant’ is a metaphor for sex in lutooro. Ask Andrew Mwenda

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