Now, where were we? Oh yes. Cont’d.

Where were we? Yes…

1. What’s worse than your boss telling that he has had to make a very tough choice and that he is afraid he’s going to have to let you go?

Your boss telling you that the reason is that he can’t work with you AND sleep with your wife at the same time.

What’s worse than hearing that your favourite FM radio presenter is leaving your favourite station to go to work in Nairobi?

Jimmy Jones 75.

What’s worse than hearing your boyfriend on the phone throwing lyrics to another girl?

Hearing your boyfriend on the phone throwing lyrics to another guy of course. That one was obvious.

What’s worse than arriving at the office cafeteria at 12:30 because you were THAT hungry and when you get there you find that Maama Mmele isn’t going to show up because she has gone to help out at Kasubi Tombs?  She has taken all the food she cooked there to feed the distressed Baganda who have camped at the tombs to mourn. As for you there is nothing to eat. What’s worse than that?

She didn’t give you your balance yesterday and you were banking on eating without paying today but now look.

What’s worse than Hot Office Chick suggesting that you go to Chillies to get Chips-Chicken if Maama Mmele is not around but who the hell has 6k for chips chicken banange?

The fact that Hot Office Chick earns like half your salary but SHE can afford Chillies and you can’t. This proves that you are a loser in life and that poverty will haunt you forever. No matter how much money you earn.

What’s worse than your team losing in the most Premier League match?


What’s worse than finding a cockroach swimming around in the coffee cup you left on your desk?

The fact that you are such an asshole you are just going to switch cups with the one on Sidney’s desk before he comes back.

What’s worse than the New Vision website




  1. Ok…I know LOVE’s supposedly a strong word, not to be thrown around lightly, however strongly i feel…so I’ll desist from using it here… but the thing I feel for you blog, Baz, runs a close second!! It ROCKS!! Check mine out sometime, will you?

  2. Hmmmm, Baz, what’s worse than a chic makig a pass on a guy………..the guy(Baz, in this case), is tooo slow to pick up on the pickup line!!!!

  3. What’s worse than Baz being on the receiving end of a chick’s moves? Him doing nada about it even when ’tis pointed out to him.

  4. Eh, my computer just warned me not to go to babyga’s blog. Mbu it might be a trick. What trick? My computer has never sent me such a message before but I obeyed it.

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