Women picking up guys. Sibyangu

Her:  So, do you come here often?
Him:  Yes I’m afraid so. I have a drinking problem.
Her: Well, it’s my first time here. I must say, so far I am beginning to like it.
Him: Oh. Well, I am not the waiter, in case that’s what you were thinking.
Her: Of course you’re not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve me.
Him: I am afraid it does. They are very strict about who gets behind the counter.
Her: I tip generously.
Him:  Should I call a waiter?
Her: Forget the waiter. Tell me, so, what’s your name, handsome?
Him: No, it’s not hansom, it’s Geoffrey.
Her: Is there a Mrs Geoffrey?
Him: No, women don’t take to me for some reason. I just can’t seem to ever get any attention from them. No matter what I do.

Things are getting desperate now. This dwanzi is not clicking. Time to spell it out.

Her: Geoffrey, would you like to have sex?
Yeah, but with who?



  1. For real, sibyangu.

    Just have to make it SOCKS, SECONDS And THIRDS. Been a way too long, forgive me…

  2. Haha dwanzie extraordinaire!

    Probable continuation….
    Her: With me!
    Him: You didn’t tell me you were selling.
    Her: I’m not selling.
    Him: So who is selling?

  3. I would not surprised if this actually happened. When it comes to non-dwanzies the pickings are very very slim.

  4. hahahaha!
    him: yes, but with who?
    her: (voice laced with derision) With yourself, what did you think?!
    him: Eh!? how! i don’t have two!

  5. This is nothing remarkable. In London, I have heard about girls paying the man’s cab fare the morning after the night before. Either these men have lost all sense of integrity, or equality has really come to Britannia.

  6. Probable continuation from @Payo

    Her: I will pay
    Him: For What?
    Her: For the sex
    Him: So I can bring you someone?
    Her: No. SEX WITH YOU (she gets agitated)
    Him: Ehhhhh. So you want to have sex with me?
    Her: Yes.
    Him: But I don’t even know you so we can get married.

  7. clearly they shud huk up….
    and mix drinks….coz the signals were not being interpreted properly by both parties..and hence there was no party…lol

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