Pastor Mar’n Sempa is known not just in Uganda, but all over the world as one of the leading entertainers in the field of homophobia. Other homophobes are blatant and simple, but not Sempa—Sempa is an acrobat, a maestro, a man who wields his hatred as an abstract artist wields his brush. That is to say, often you will not understand the details of what is being portrayed, or why or how or even if at all, but you get the general point.

Now, you don’t get to the top by being complacent. You have to constantly find new ways to practice. Innovation is essential for survival in his profession, and that’s what Sempa is really good at.

This week he astounded us all by revealing a move that is as audacious and stunning as whatever the hell that shit was Picasso used to do.

Oh no he didn’t!

Oh yes, he did.

If this does not destroy homosexuality forever, I don’t know what will.