The Movie Avatar: Three Points of Interest

  1. The movie Avatar was pointless, racist, and poorly-written, but it looked fabulous. A spectacular sight to see. I was dazzled by the scenery, mesmerized by the animation. I only wish I could have turned off the volume in the cinema and listened to my Lupe Fiasco mixtape on my headphones instead as I watched.
  2. The movie Avatar also included a sex scene. I don’t want to overthink this thing, but it was perverse on so many levels. One is that a human being has sex with an alien—a female of another species. Secondly, it’s not even the actual human being the alien was having sex with, it is an artificial body he operates by remote control. Then, and most perverse (yes, I said PERVERSE!) It was cartoons having sex. I had to wonder, as should you: so the people who designed and manufactured the artificial Avatar bodies were there working away. Then came to the point when they had to decide whether to fit genitals onto the thing. What made them decide, “You know, let’s just put functioning gonads on. He might need them.”
  3. The movie Avatar was showing at Cineplex Cinema where I discovered what a rotten Kitkat tastes like.



  1. looooollllllllllll, i thought the scenery was great, it took me away…but there were cheesey moments this james cameron guy did nothing really spectacular… an eragon, native indian mix plus life’s atrocities being played up in hues of green, brown and what…..? whatever…it was kinda cheesy!

  2. a sex did i miss that..

    Liar! oh sorry,back to check that.

    that movie had natives,who had tails and resembled monkies and fought using bows and arrows…they also lived in the forest..

    that animation was more than beautiful…

  3. all i heard was “blah, blah, blah, Lupe fiasco mixtape.” i NEED that thing soooo bad!
    but youre right, the movie was Pocahontas, dances with wolves and the last samurai all rolled into one with blue CG aliens…sure it looked great but “revolutionary”? PLEEEZE!!!

  4. I got Avatar yesterday just so I can see what people are talking about. I think I’ll watch it on Thursday when I’m free. Sounds interesting

  5. You know what I have had my reservations about watching this movie coz of the hype. The last time James Cameron did something on this scale was “Titanic” which i hated, except for the graphics as the ship sinks and people drown.
    Rotten Kitkats?! Fuck me, one more reason I wont watch it at Cinema

  6. @Mckeith, White man comes to a society of people of colour and in just three months is not only the best Na’vi, but is also their leader and savior? Manifest Destiny II.

  7. right on Baz,

    bloody racist Americans…they couldn’t even send a halfway decent dude, they sent a jarhead. how so very patronising…

  8. before i read, let me first warn you, that if you blaspheme, i will make my displeasure felt. very deeply.

    now let me read

  9. i like pretty pictures so i loved it …yes i was squiriming in my seat at the blatant racism and i thought the whole connection thing with weird alien was creepy…

    and for cartoon sex, please google “hentai”

  10. Ok. I watched it. Slept through most of it. Saw no sex. No, I will never watch it again. But maybe just for the sake of explaining to my Mom what it is about because she missed it.

  11. oh boo hoo – so there was a sex scene. it was perfectly tasteful, just like in any other movie – don’t be such a prude

  12. I hope one day people won’t go to the cinema for lessons in moral and political philosophy.

    I know you think it makes you look smart to talk about how “pointless” the movie is, but it looks like you dug into the allegory quite a bit! What next, a treastie on luddism in Star Wars?

  13. the movie was nice…too popular tho, leaving it open to lots of criticism. The sex scene was under-done, they needed to show us what monsters the fiends wield under there…

  14. Dxr, baambi, it wasn’t a man and a woman simulating the act of making love on film. It was a remote controlled dildo sent to bone a creature of a different species. Creepy.

    Steve, you “know” I “think it makes me look smart”? I don’t think it’s uniquely clever to talk about not liking a movie. Every idiot has a movie they don’t like.

  15. Seriously, guys and you Baz, especailly YOU! With all the intellect in that small head of yours, you had to focus on animations ‘doing it’? Really?! Seriously???!!!!

  16. It was an amazing movie. And no, it was not racist. If they made the main character black, or Chinese, or anything, it would not be any less racist. Some people can’t help but pull out the race card, just stfu.

    Amazing animations amazing story, a must see

  17. im sorry but this movie was fantastic it was like how i saw it in the book.
    i am compelled to draw scenes of it now after just seeing it
    made me cry
    reminded me of early americans slaughtering the native americans.
    Must see must own on Blu-ray
    just cause of the scenery.

  18. I agree the CG was great. The story was okay. Now perverse, I would have to disagree. The sex was two humanoids kissing, not even all that passionately. Then Jake waking up. That being the case I don’t think there was a problem with them being “cartoons.” Also, how was the movie racist? A fictional people (alien people) has a very strict religious tribal culture. This culture was not only shown more favorably than the corporate/ military culture, but there God Eyea is said to be fact rather than fiction in this movie’s world.

  19. I don’t think the film was racist at all… It played on the Human Race’s “kill anything that stands in our way” mentality which every human being has… some of us have suppressed that urge but we’re all born with it. I saw the aliens as a mixture of Masai and Native American cultures there’s nothing racist about basing something on human cultures. If you want to see something racist watch District 9 which was based on the district 6 event that happened in Cape Town – South Africa. And the sex? Like someone stated earlier there was a scene where they kissed, it only implied that they had sex… they didn’t show anything perverse. Unlike some of the other Films out there that are “PG 13” and have full frontal nudity in it. honestly I think you’re way too bored… it was an awesome film with outstanding graphics and if anyone still has to go see it, i recommend that you go see it in 3D its awesome.

  20. Racisim hmm… I can see what is meant but surely it shows mother nature finally overcoming brut force which is what people are aspiring to. War & invasion although we protest keeps happening… this is showing an example of our dreams, men will always try to bulldoze in where they think they can especially if there is something to gain, like wealth to come of it….

  21. they cut the sex scene idiot, all you saw was them kissing for 5 seconds then them asleep the next morning

  22. Dear googlevisitors. I know you love to express your passionate feelings about this movie, but a 300-word blog post written by a wannabe humourist is not really the best forum. If you really want to spew about how repugnant people who found Avatar racist are, go troll at,, or the Huffington post.

    For me, I don’t feel deeply enough about this topic to read any more bilge. Thanks for your time, though.

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