In the taxi the other morning I encountered two forms of women. One alert, the other in a state of slumber, head tipped back, mouth lolling open and quite fine, in spite of the indecorum of her posture.

It offended my sense of morality to see a hot chick snoring in a public transport vehicle, so I poked her in the shoulder and woke her up.

Crossly, I asked, “Why are you sleeping in the taxi? Did you spend the whole of last night having sex or what?”

Through half-mast eyelids she still managed a sluggish sneer as she asked back, “What’s it to you?”

I explained that I was a journalist, so she told me that yes, she had been having sex the night before.

I advised her to take better care when having sex prior to taxi journeys and she thanked me.

Oh, wait. You were expecting a point to all of this?