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Something strange is going on here in blogistan. I am not accusing anyone of anything; I am not going to sit here and say that Pedro “Sleek N Wild” Sekidde is perpetrating a heinous act of internet identity theft of the sort we are warned about every time we watch Oprah; I am sure Sleek N Wild is a gentleman, a Christian and a student of honour and nobility.
Well, I say that now.
But over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that on a few other blogs up in this region comments have appeared ostensibly created by me, Mr Ernest Bazanye, and signed in such a way as to indicate that I, Mr Ernest Bazanye, indeed wrote them, when, in truth, this is not the case. I wrote no such thing! It is signed as Baz, one of my many Internet aliases, but is not actually by self! Perfidy! Treachery! Shit!
In fact, when one runs ones cursor (that’s the little arrow that floats over the screen when you  move the mouse ((that’s the little rodent that lives at the bottom of the cupboard)) ) when one runs ones cursor over the word “Baz” that sits impudently over these false comments, one will notice that the url attached to the name is not mine, bazanye.wordpress.com, but is actually that of Pietr “Sleek N Wild” Twinomugisha’s own website, http://www.sleekandwild.com.
You can imagine the state of utter and complete flummox I abruptly collapsed into. It seemed as if nothing could rouse me. Fortunately there was a Snickers bar nearby. Lord knows what would have happened if there wasn’t.
My first assumption of course was that Cephas “Sleek N Wild” Gulumaire was playing a clever trick, a practical joke, a jape to confuse you and amuse himself. He was posing as me for the kicks.
That would be your first assumption, too, wouldn’t it? I think it would.
So, I did exactly what you expect me to do in turn.
The  natural, obvious thing. I sped over to Sleekandwild.com and posted a pungent glop of odure in the comments section and signed it Sleek, while logging in my url, bazanye.wordpress.com in place.
“Hah. You thought what.” I said. It was not a question.
However, something curious is happening. My impersonation is not yielding the expected results. It seems that Peedi “Sleek N Wild” Crack has no idea what is going on and is confused by my actions.
Hmmm. I may have misread the situation, I think I misread the situation. It appears I underwent a lapse of literacy as regards the situation.

So, what should I do next? Should I continue posing as Sleek? Just for the hell of it? I mean, it’s fun.