We shall begin this desperate attempt to fill up space by thrunking (Thrunking: noun. To just put kigafla fwa) pictures on this internet by placing my current facebook profile picture up in here. Below the picture is a comment also from facebook.


Facebook is an internet site which features various profile pictures and comments, each attached to a different individual who may or may not only be on the site constantly seeking validation and approval for his or her otherwise meaningless existence.

The headphone jack is reminiscent of a solitary sperm's lateral approach towards two unfertilized eggs superimposed on an arrangement not unlike the double ova womb-space while the headphone cord is perhaps both a play on the double-helix structure of our DNA as well as the vagino-cervical structure. Yes... yes.. I would definitely say that this is a statement on the threat homosexuality poses to the survival of the human species. (Prof G. O. Radier, Missouri State University, Drunk)




Secondly I have a cute picture of a fuzzy pink teddy bear that I hope will fill you with inner personal joy of the kind that only the most wussy and prissy and pathetic and weakling thoughts can inspire.

or not.

What did I tell you? Muthafucka what. Did. I. Tell. You!


And now, let me go find some more.