Mbu nti now you go on facebook.

You find someone called Jesus, like Jesus Gonzalez or Jesus Cruz.

You send him a message like, “Lord, please accept me as your friend.”

And “Lord, I have a test this weekend and I really need to pass. I promise next time I will study harder.”

Or “Forgive me, Lord, for I have sinned. Me and Harry were using our mobile phones to take dirty pictures of IDP chicks while pretending we were going to get them sponsorships.”


I don’t think he will find the joke funny. But if his names is Jesus, he should learn to forgive.

Now, ensonga: Back in the old days we used to have a pretend celebrity endorsement. But after Darlkom, Petesmama AND Princess have all, in reality, used the b-word to describe Lloyd’s writing, why wheel out an imaginary Charlize Theron?A dose of words to the head is here.  B-word is “beautiful” not bitch, by the way.