I have nothing to say, but I have something that you should hear

It’s fairly obvious that I don’t have things to blog about these days. I would say that I am thinking of going on hiatus except that, well, that’s kind of like Nemo saying he’s thinking of taking a dip.

I’m having a crisis of confidence, banange. And it’s serious. Don’t laugh at me. Ashy, stop laughing at me. You are hurting my furleengs etc.

But I still have something for you to read.

Kakati, my motto in life has always been very direct: Either you are kawa or you’re an asshole. Do not be an asshole.

In spite of all the subtleties and nuances and greyshadings and blurry edges that go with discussions about good and evil, right and wrong, moral and sinful, what we should do and what we shouldn’t do, this simple fist of words still manages to hold onto the general idea pretty tightly. Do not be an asshole.

This doesn’t mean be apathetic. I believe that the default setting for human character is actually benevolent. We are wired to help one another.

I say that to introduce this:

The idea of paying it forward is something that we can do in our daily lives. It is simply doing the things that may mean little to us but mean the world to others, like helping a stranger change a flat tyre or holding the door open for the mailman. The idea is simply to be truly kinder.

Hit the site on blogger or on wordpress and leave a comment, contribute to the discussion.



  1. Do not be so sensitive, I was not really laughing. Lets call it a ‘on a crazy day, normal person meets a crazy person’ situation. They share pleasantries, No? Normal person decides that crazy is not so bad afterall, there are ‘others’ out there and they both laugh at those around who do not get what is going on…

  2. I’ll definitely try not to be. and chin up Baz…if worst comes to worst you can just start listing playlists…(not to say Rhino has nothing to say…pay it forward makes that pretty obvious)

  3. Happens to the best of us. Shhhh…Dont tell anyone but i almost told of my shaving stories when i was in a drought!!!

  4. First read about this at Rhino’s…i love the concept. no hugs in my corner, there’s beer for confidence issues…at least it works for Jny23

  5. Rumour has it that….

    Baz…according to Nev and Samali..you got marriage…oba was it again…or maybe for the first time…not sure wasnt listening proper. ..Mbu thats why you are not blogging..’mbu’ life has become more serouise.

    True or false.

  6. Payo, please tell.

    There was a movie about paying it forward. Only the kid dies in the end, stabbed by a juvenile delinquent. Oops! I hope I did not send your self esteem crashing again.

    Doubt he got marriage. He would be blogging with a spring in his step

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