I put on for my city. On on for my city. I put ooooon. I hate Jeezy.

I could say this eruption of violence and chaos was the result of an underswell of political disaffection bubbling to the surface, but I have lived here too long. It’s something that bubbled to the surface, yes, but it wasn’t political grief.

Kampalans set up roadblocks and stripped their fellow Kampalans naked, sometimes taking their money. They threw bricks into each others shops and stole each others stuff. They caned and whipped and insulted each other. It wasn’t disaffection with the way we are ruled. .

When you drag an old man out of his car and beat him up, that is not an oppressed party seeking justice. That is a bully: a person who just likes hurting other people. And Kampala has a lot of those. There’s violence in this city. It’s always been there.

Of course there is real beef with the government. And there is real (I don’t share it) love for what this Kabaka is supposed to represent, and there are some people who were acting out basing on this, but let’s not let the assholes off the hook.

Looters and thugs and robbers are just that. Bayaye.

And now, because I don’t want to break the theme this blog has been taking, let me add, this.

This is Ernest Bazanye, reporting from Victoria, The Seychelles.



  1. Hah hah! I just realised the pun opportunity I just missed!

    I should have said, reporting WITH Victoria in the Seychelles.

    Nanti Vicky, you’re coming with, right?

  2. I am so hanging onto the last three words. Heheh!

    But, it sounds like you still work for the leading government daily!?!

  3. word!

    and victoria. still not with blog? perhaps we should put you in residence with a new man, probably the one currently holding office is impotent.

  4. At last! Something sensible. Kampala thugs just used this propaganda as an excuse to go about looting stuff. I mean, if the issues are in Kayunga, why terrorize the city centre? BTW, if you’re ever coming back, return with an autographed photo of those fabled Sega dancers

  5. Truth.
    More shame, though, on the many fuckers who thought (and acted like) there was any sensible political point to be made.
    In times like these, I sift the band-wagonist fucker who wants to look like a bleeding-heart activist who “wants” and “loves” “democracy” and “freedom” and the person who bothers to think at all.

    You’ve passed the test, but I’m afraid only few others have. In particular, about everyone else didn’t. Then again, who am I to judge? Am I not that dimwit fucker who doesn’t agree with them? 🙂

  6. 27th, I’m sure there’s a good point to be made. You just have to give us time to think about it.

    And watch your tongue. Our Kabaka (All Hail) will not be exactly pleased by this…development.

    Kati mmwe Victoria and Bazanye, eh? *Points and shakes index finger before bowing out with “Heeee, kale you be there!”

  7. Haha. I like this Baz! Dint know u were away….
    Staywell and keep yo interesting articles coming.
    Cheers. 🙂

  8. There was no political motivation last week. It was the battle of egos. The idlers, lumpen, etc were handed an opportunity to loot. Idiots thats what they are. Causing chaos while the richer…”purportedly concerned monarch and friends were sitting in their air conditioned offices, and houses behind high fences sipping teas and watching violence on TV’s. That belated concern and act of leadership, trying to calm the lumpens came too late. I kusooza them…”pptttssssswwww”
    And then the media… sensationalizes everything and i believe even fueled more violence, shoot me, but they do need to be tamed! And the opposition….idiots also them.

  9. I LOVE Jeezy! Just had to say I like this blog(?)’s title. Oh, and that song…I’m already getting high just thinking about it.

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