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Nigeria used to be known as the part of Africa where the books came from but this changed when former writers Soyinka and Achebe  retired. Now Nigerian writing is characterized more for those misspelled solicitations for help in liberating fictional fortunes from Swiss banks that crop up in your email inbox all too often.

Chimamanda and Hellen Oyeyemi and a few other kids tried their best, but you know this world and how it is. If you don’t have teen wizards or Catholic conspiracies, you barely make a ripple in the continental consciousness.

But Nigeria is still a proud and glorious beacon shining bright throughout the land, beaming its cultural influence far and broad. Because Nigeria is now known as the part of Africa where the movies come from.

On the heels of the movies we have lately been seeing, with mathematically-themed names like 2face and P-square, that Nigeria is also riding the new wave of African pop music.

Some of it is almost as good as Kamili’s!

We don’t know what kini big deal means yet, but woe is us, for if things continue at this rate, we may never find out. Because the singer might starve to death before he has a chance to translate.

Charles Okogene wields yet another form of written Nigerian word: The press report. He journalized on the 24th of August that there will be an “indefinite mass hunger strike by the Nigerian creative community to draw attention of the world to the intolerable rate of piracy devastating the entertainment industry in Nigeria.”

Tired of  you losers pirating their shit, the Nigerian singers decided to stop eating food. One of them, Yellow King (I’m sure you have heard of him.) “collapsed on Tuesday in Lagos,” when the strike began at the city’s National Theatre.

“The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the musician had participated in the hunger strike and rally initiated by his colleagues to protest activities of pirates in the country.

The rhythm and blues singer was standing among some popular musicians when he suddenly slumped on the grass, while his colleagues made frantic efforts to resuscitate him.”

Yellow King is fine now. He was given treatment.

So after a week of striking at piracy with their hunger, is the monster dead in Nigeria? Lol.

I used to think that if you truly appreciate the music of  your favourite singer, you should do the right thing and cop the record with money. I actually discouraged people I personally know from picking up Radio and Weasel MP3s, until I heard this.