The commercial value of sounding stupid


  Ola! It’s me, hot chick Misa Campo, the reason Erique’s jawline is scraping against the ground right now. That is to say, my hotness has caused his mouth to hang open. I have a thurrogit for you. Look, here it is.   THURROGIT: Hot 100 FM deejays are rich. I mean, how much do you think a person have to be paid to sound as stupid as they do?

Listen kko to this: hawanhanre


Also rich? Herbie Kay of Record TV. Cos no one can be paid less that sh20 million to let everyone hear this: download Herbie K here



  1. on behalf of all the women in this room, we are abandoning ship until Erique’s bored, yawny, look is returned to normal.

  2. Why have you decided to hurt my ears so? I listened to both links. What kind of joke is that? It wasn’t even a joke. Why oh why do I even read your blog? My ears! They hurt!

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