A commercial break…

And just one day after my very pathetic lament, I find myself with three posts – not one, but three. One of which is the long-awaited Cheri guest spot.

I’m going to keep you waiting a little bit before I hit you with that particular one. Before then, I need to take a moment to exploit you guys again.

Remember when I placed a request on this blog and then leaned back while you guys virtually WROTE my article for me?


That was awesome.

I was wondering if we can do it again.

First of all I should reassert this point. I am not a lazy bastard who doesn’t want to work; I am not a thief who would rather have others do his labour for him.

But you will understand after I make my request that this is the hardest work I can possibly do given the nature of the assignment.

I have been asked to compile some bad love letters. Sms and email may also apply.

Now, I have never received a bad love letter, so I have to go out and find people who might have and ask them. Which is what I am doing right now. You’re cute, but not intimidating enough to keep at bay all the loser lames who try to chat you up. You must have received some interesting letters, or emails or sms in your life.

Why don’t you share them with us, Uganda’s Leading Daily With The Dumb Headlines? Anonymity will be sustained and I promise not to make the same mistake I did with the article where I grossly misquoted Solomon King. (Solo, I cannot tell you how sorry I still am, and can’t figure out how that change got through. I had written “a local webdesign outfit” because you explicitly told me it wasn’t your company.


If you would be so kind, please send your loser lovepangs to me at ebazanye@newvision.co.ug, or bazanye@gmail.com. Preferebly both, because New Vision’s email is run by New Vision’s IT department and, therefore, we can assume that it is not here to make my life easier.

Thanks in advance.

It’s Baz, baby!



  1. this is so cool.
    i hope my ex sees it and realises when i thanked & kissed him for it, i didn’t mean it.
    it was dreadful to say the least.

  2. oh and Baz, thank you so much for finally realising that you can make some good outta your laziness.
    honestly, you just slouchin and drooling wasn’t sexy….she was lying if she told you it was.

  3. @Pinky, I asked for love, not disses. Please, let’s focus here.

    @ Auntie, you mean the one CB wrote?

    @ Sunchan, Miss, that is why I call you Wonder Woman behind your back. Send me all of them.

    @ Pinky again, send me letters. Our friendship needs to be rebuilt again after you saying things that hurt my feelings. I do not drool.

  4. you mean the untill lake victoria dries up kind of letters, I am the british and you are the colony of my heart. dude good luck.

  5. why don’t we just paste the letters as comments? come on, we also want a good laugh…oh,hold-up,we wdnt read the article then wd we?

  6. oil 2 my chapati?sam1 was telling me 2de some dude had asked for ‘at least 25% of her heart…’
    i’m guessing he wanted the left ventricle..that’s prolly 25%..Baz, r we helping any?yeah? gd…

  7. what about this, in primo, some kid sent me a picture of rambo and some chick, which i suppose was meant to be me and him, a ring. i don’t remember if he wrote anything. does that count? it might have been sweet if i hadn’t had an audience. was so embarassed.

  8. Did you hurt your wings when you fell from heaven?
    No, heaven and hell are at the same altitude!

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