April Fool’s in Nairobi City

As you know, every so often, I be on the Internet chatting with The Dark Side, aka Evil Twin, aka Kenyanchick and, as you know, every so often I just rip her chats right out of the messenger window and turn them into blog posts because I am such a good friend.

But did you know that this very moment is one such time? Yes, it is. Presenting: April Fool’s Day at KC’s Local.

“ANYWAY so it was April Fool’s, right? They put “Kitty kebabs” on the menu. Ati “milk fed kittens, diced and served with tomatoes and onions.”

 So, the owner’s wife comes to our table. We ask about the kebabs, have a laugh about it. Then she says, “You should have been here this morning. Me and my husband decided to pretend we were serious about the kitty kebabs.”

So they printed it out, and took the menu with the Kitty Kebab “Special” into the kitchen. The chef lost it.

“I’m not cooking cats!! I don’t care if you fire me! No way, no way, no way.”

Chef #2 looks at the paper, shrugs and says, “I’ll do it. Paka ziko wapi?”



  1. LOL. But KC musta made this up. Oh, and one of these days when you’re chatting, tell her that we prefer she writes in her own blog.

  2. Chef 2 is my person of choice if i had to choose one other person to be on a desert island with. We’d never go hungry!

  3. Euuwwww…..

    First it was Tumwi with the rats…now KC with the cats…let me return to my veggies..

  4. we forget that for a quick buck the chefs in our own favorite restaurants serve well fried dogs n cats so my dears who aren’t veggie u know y some of us stick to leaves.

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