A while ago I wrote an amusing blog post which contained the following passage: 

Have you, my dear readers, ever met a Nigerian? One thing about them is that they hate the generalisation (and I do realise that I just generalised). The idea that Nigerians are thieves must be as offensive as, well, being instantly associated with Idi Amin once you identify yourself as a Ugandan.


That wasn’t the amusing part. The amusing part was in the rest of the blog which you may read (for your amusement, possibly) here.

This post is consistently one of the most-visited on this blog if the WordPress statistics page is not only saying nice things to get me into bed and I wonder who these people are that visit that one post daily?

One of them left a comment the other day.

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Merry … Mr Bazanye, didnt my country give you people some handouts, i dont know where your from but i guess it o.k since i am talking from ignorance… i cant be charged for any crimes. Wether you like it or not Nigeria is the most powerful oops … influential countries in AFRiCA.. no body drills black gold like us ..No 4 on the list .. we have trillions to spend, while your people starve mine get up and fight to survive, yes my system is bad.. am sure ur’s is worse.

WHat right do you have to make such generalisations.. dont be a fool, many have spoken ill of Naija bt it dont stop… we are mutherfucking filthy rich even in U.S wether our cash is legal or not … we go it…


Normally I don’t respond to this sort of comment, but I really need a new blog post so here we go. Plumbing the depths.

I don’t even know where to start.

This man is offended that I made fun of a Nigerian criminal, he somehow feels that this is the same thing as insulting all Nigerians. He feels compelled to defend his nation’s reputation and this is the best he can come up with?


Nigeria is the nation that gave Africa Soyinka and Achebe, the nation that gave Africa Icarus Girl and Purple Hibiscus, the nation that gave Africa 2 Face and P-Square, the nation that gave Africa Femi and Fela, the nation that gave us Nnaji and Noah, the nation that gave us the Super Eagles for crying out loud. And when in his misguided way he feels that this nation’s reputation is under attack. this is what he presents as defense? “we are mutherfucking filthy rich even in U.S wether our cash is legal or not.”

There are few things more damaging to a nation than ignorant patriotism. For starters, Nigerians are actually poorer than Ugandans– with 70 percent of their population below the poverty line, compared to 33% in Uganda, and Uganda ranks two places higher with our HDI: 0.505.

Of course this doesn’t prove that either country is better than the other. When it comes to it every country has its bad sides and its good. Every country has its  criminals and its heroes. Every country has its rich and its poor. Every country has it bloggers who get emails from Nigerian thieves too, but, unfortunately, Nigeria is the only country which has this fellow.





Thankfully, there are more sensible forces at work to clean up Naija’s reputation. According to the Evil Western Media Conspiracy, (BBC)  The Nigerian government Tuesday “unveiled a new slogan “Nigeria: Good people, great country”, and a logo to go with a campaign called Rebrand Nigeria.

“Information Minister Dora Akunyili, who made her name as a fierce campaigner against fake drugs, said the country’s reputation was unfair.

“We must shed this toga that says we are untrustworthy, unreliable and ungovernable,” she said.

She admitted that the country did have real problems with poverty, corruption and infrastructure, but that wouldn’t stop them trying.

“Some people say: ‘Why rebrand now?’ Nigeria cannot wait until its solved all its problems before addressing its image.”


The event was marred, however, when as the EWMC continues to report: 

Thieves stole a mobile phone belonging to a member of a new team campaigning to improve Nigeria’s image as a country riddled by crime and chaos.

Isawa Elaigwu told the launch of the “rebrand Nigeria” campaign he noticed the phone was gone minutes before he was due to address the event.

“As I was entering the gates of the conference centre I noticed I had been pick-pocketed,” he said.


Eh. Banange.