It’s not cheating if…


We interrupt this blog post’s scheduled thee-day tenure to bring you a special announcement.

Yo, my peeps, I need your help.

I need to know how you, the public, would, in your various ways, words, points of view, mannerisms, states of mind, inclinations, degrees of morality, personal experiences etc, fill in the gap in the following sentence: 

It’s not cheating if……

You should know that I am going to use your answers for an upcoming newspaper article. I won’t use your real names unless you tell me to, so feel free to be anonymous, or unless you are Erique, who deserves to be exposed for the whore he truly is. Thank you so much in advance for filling my comments section with dozens of statements that I can use for my article. Thank you. 



  1. I’ve just been told that if you make out with someone while you are drunk it’s not cheating. But if you sleep with someone while you are drunk it is cheating.

    The woman in the room disagreed. She said it’s all cheating.

    Then the original speaker said cheating is different for women than for men.

  2. ….if you break up with me, i sleep with all my crushes, then we make up. We were not together anymore when I did.

  3. …if I ask for something you can afford, you refuse to give it to me and someone else buys it for me, thats not cheating. I just saved you some cash. Heh heh

  4. It’s not cheating if the guy has never told you he wants you to be his only lady. (The guy should be clear when he is conning you because when he keeps using parables, he can easily claim that you misunderstood him. Nolwekyo, I wouldn’t call it cheating if I went out with another man while he is still using parables on me)

  5. Just because I go sleeping around with different species and genres doesn’t mean I’m a whore.

    Anonymous Says:

    …if you have sex with someone else.

    Cheating only applies to situations where you sleep with her. Then she can rightly accuse you of “cheating on me”, ‘on’ being the prominent word.

    Or if you deviously beat her at a card game.

    Are you okay? Is Darlyne okay? Join the two sentences using ‘Is it really for an article you wakayima?’

  6. What about emotional infidelity? That thing of confiding in your friend from work and holding back from your chick?

    And the biggie: What about facebook flirting?

  7. I’ll speak for the dudes:

    Cheating involves sex. Anything that doesn’t lead to two people sharing their private organs is not cheating. Sometimes we use non-cheating deviants (this is where facebooking, flirting and kissing come in) as a stunt to get the girls jealous.

    Or, like all humans naturally normally naturally (or normally) do, we want need to experience something else. Don’t go calling me names like idiot (catchy, though) if I haven’t had sex with the cheatee.

  8. hahahaha. lol. lol… and then some more 😀

    All I can add is and I quote ‘What they do not know, is what we do onto them in our minds; Perfect violation’

    And, No! Do not quote me on the quote 🙂

  9. …if you dont know the gals name

    ….infact also if u dont know ur gals name…

    …which brings me 2 if ur drunk…haha

    …if its her sister (i mean she should really be pissed off at her sister- just family courtesy on my side)

    …if the harlot is free (if i ve learnt anything its that anything free in Uganda is good)

    …if you’re cheating with someone who’s cheating on someone…(really u cant both be cheating together, thats playing a game)

    …if u say in the great words of Shaggy- “It wasnt me”

    …if your Ernest Bazanye…Really, your blog and articles are what keep me alive in these outside countries…u deserve a medal…or atleast to do watever u want!

    …if…. I really need to get myself a blog…here i am giving my intelligent output to Erenesiti who could possibly get paid for it…I ll go to facebook.. i hear u left that…deactivate it eh…been there…it can be reactivated, thats the annoying thing!

  10. Guys, this thing is a newspaper article. Let’s try to articulate more serious ideas. I’ll start.

    It’s not cheeting if you can’t spell it right.

    It’s not cheating if you’re listening to a Lil Wayne track while at it.

    It’s not cheating if…see? Now take it from there.

  11. Cheri if you quote any more friends’ lines in serious debates i swear i will, i will , i will
    oh heck, you will just see


    Erique, you are a whore

    I agree. Handjob is def not cheating. it is just curiosity

    No i have never cheated

    Except that i am cheating on my blog right now. I keep reloading this page every ten seconds, and i have not even opened my blog in days!

    These are my favorite comments in the history of commenting. keep at it guys. and girls

    what? Nobody asked for my opinions? well i am giving them anyway. Die bitch

  12. It’s not cheating if… I don’t have a ring on my finger, we never had the “exclusive” conversation…

    And about dinner and gifts? Kwani how dumb do you guys think women are? Ati “is accepting gifts from the guy who is trying to con you…” Trying to con us? HA HA HA! You think we don’t know when someone’s trying to con us? They’ve been trying since we were about 12: we can spot them a mile away – in the dark! We know what his game is, but hey, if the necklace is pretty (shrug) so? Doesn’t mean he’ll succeed in his “con.”

    Heh heh.

  13. Thank you, Pinky. I’m honoured.

    Wahala (misread antipop):
    So i can’t do it? A completely unrelated question: Where do you live? Another totally off-topic question: Will you be there tonight? Now this one, i just don’t know where it came from: Do you have rubbers (condoms, not tyres)at your place?

    Discard them.

    Well, Baz, looking at it from that perspective I think it’s not cheating if you don’t mind not telling her about it. Or if you come home to her after. Or if you cheat on your mistress with her. Or if you wash it before any future sessions.

  14. Nope…
    i was a playa a long time ago…

    if the cheater does not tell the cheatee that he/she is hooked to someone else!!

    maybe i need to clarify what chater and cheatee mean…

  15. This is really funny…

    Its not cheating if you dont think it is even if you are doing it. i.e if i dont think i am chaeating even if i am..then i am not cheating.

  16. Eh but bulogazi. You are such cheaters Ama tell all yo girls and gals to come and see what you are up to and how u plan on cheating on them

  17. Eh but bulogazi. You are such cheaters Ama tell all yo girls and guys to come and see what you are up to and how u plan on cheating on them

  18. Its not Cheating if he’s/she’s not there for you in all those aspects of life.

    Its not cheating if its pay back/revenge…….

    Its not cheating if u were really and EXTREMELY mad at each.

    Its not cheating if i can look myself in the mirror after all is said and done with no guilt.

  19. ………..its so not cheating if you do it and its not memorable! if he sucks then obviously that is not cheating at all! even if u do it over n over

  20. Kale I’m late for this party but,

    It’s not cheating if it’s with your chick, or your mistress (and only if your chick knows about your mistress)

    Also, it;s not cheating if u’re a Hajji!

  21. Ernest, i doubt you got any real material for your article you user friend. Its not cheating if you do not cheat. It is cheating if you do something with someone else which you know your partner thinks(probably because you gave him that impression) is reserved for him. Gifts…shiya…that is so not cheating. That is simply, accepting gifts. Otherwise, we wouldn’t ever take even a drink from chaps because with guys you just never know if they fancy you or not.

  22. It’s not cheating if you’re to drunk to remember, if you don’t remember it, it never really took place.
    Also it’s not cheating if there are 2 girls involved, because they cancel eachother out, not saying it’s ok to cheat, but those are a couple i picked up through friends, made me chuckle.

  23. I knew this chic who thought Blowjobs were not cheating.. she was dumb but I didnt mind getting head.

  24. It’s not cheating if you pull out and blow a load in her hair.


    Its not cheating if your smear peanut butter on your balls and let your
    dog lick it off *if* its your dog.

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