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I, too, am dissatisfied and demoralized and disillusioned and de—well, I am not Dee — in that regard, you are on your own, shorty, however, my own affliction is not your typical case of the corporate blues. My Afrascadan issues are acting up again. I am still shoveling shit and it’s really getting me down. I cannot bring myself to write cheery, happy, gleeful stories of the type they pay me for. 

I can’t come up with a Bad Idea column for this week.  Not unless they allow me to just type the words “Fuck”, “This” and “Shit” a few hundred times in sequence.

So I am going to do something I always thought was beneath me, an act I sneered at every time it was suggested by those I thought were my friends: a loser move like stabbing a chick’s ear for your first kiss sort of move.

I am here to  rip out  a blog post and hand that in as Bad Idea.

It’s either that or three words. I am sorry, but it has to be done.

In other news, I quit Facebook. It wasn’t easy but after an entire freaking hour of irritation the stupid machine finally got the idea. I have never felt better about myself as a person. Of course I am bored stiff now, because the only thing left to do is work, but still, Elenesiti Bazanye has been deactivated, and Ernest F. Bazanye can now return to service.

Unfortunately, my dubious talent for verbosity still hasn’t regained its original extents, so I continue to write things the length of a status-message. 

Eg: “I have never really fancied Beyonce. I think the fact that she was even willing to contemplate a sex-change may have been the reason.”

Salon goes on and on here about what it would mean if Beyonce were a boy.

Finally, Krgyz parliament approves US base closure reports the AP. I lolled, banange. And I am not ashamed to admit it.