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We have come to the point of crisis, gentlemen. We can no longer pretend that there is nothing wrong. The elephant in the room has laid a doodoo. We must act.
My blog has not been updated for over a week. Something must be done.
If you are still interested in what goes on here, even after seeing the same disgusting story about bestiality on the page for days and days and days, let me offer this explanation: I have a mistress.
I am not saying what I did was right, but I am just saying it so that you understand what happened. I was seduced by another Web2.0 phenomenon not knowing how demanding she can be, how much of my time and energy she will consume. I have been spending so much time on facebook that it has come to the point of an addiction. Seriously. All the energy I would have otherwise spent on coming up with blog posts or, goes into composing status messages. It’s ridiculous. A status message is ONE SENTENCE LONG!
You can see the reason for my grief. I am cheating on you with a single sentence. What is wrong with me? That’s like Jay-Z sleeping with Rosie O’Donnel.
Steps have been taken, though. I am determined to return to more constructive ways of wasting time and office internet resources. I will no longer be a slave to facebook. I am going to quit.
Seriously. On Wednesday.
I have even changed my profile pic to reflect this.

meanwhile, a bit on Facebook addiction:

It starts of with a simple exploration of your friends on the site and suddently you are logging on 10 times a day to see if any of your friends have made updates to their profile, changed their relationship status or have posted new videos or articles. Suddnely you are glued to your computer monitor and the only thing on the screen is Facebook.