I resolve, this new year


Here comes another one, just like the other one. Three hundred sixty four and a quarter days long. Teeming with ass to kick. I am going to enjoy myself.

To that end I have equipped myself with some resolutions.

One: Walk naked in public on occasion. I have a nice-looking body. This may be difficult for some of you to believe because most of the time you see me I am hideously dressed, but I really think that if you set eyes on my awesome torso, my sculpted bottom, my divine calves and my pendulous et ceteras in all their unclad splendour you would appreciate that clothes just do not do me justice. You would be filled with awe when you realize that I wasn’t lying when I spoke of ten-packs. They do in fact exist, and I have a sterling example.

I really think that many people out there would appreciate the sight of a naked me walking down the street, and so I resolve to, once in a while, give the world the benefit of that sight. In Uganda no one tries to stop you if you walk around naked, so it will be perfectly safe.

Dos: Attempt to grow dreadlocks, fail in that attempt, opt to go for a bald-head  look instead, fail in that as well, and return to the baseball cap shop. Probably have the cap surgically attached to my head so as to forestall any further flights of fancy. Dreadlocks? Me? I must be mad.

Satu: Make a serious commitment to Buy Uganda, Buy Quality. No more imported liquor. If they are out of Bell, Tonto will have to do. It hits the spot.

You guys, let’s make sure that 2009 is a better year, and that we are better people in it. In other words, please be nicer to me in 2009. Thank you.



  1. My goeg teacher told me it’s 356 1/4 days for an ordinary year and 366 1/4 for aleap year.

    Stop telling us lies.

    Lol…nice looking body!!! Tell’em.

    Lol, Rev will have words with u via number 2!

    Lol Tonto.

  2. For one, I die if true. I always see the anime version of this face in the paper and it’s not for someone with a 10 packs…Am already feeling for the poor souls that will have a bad start to the year after witnessing your public nude walk.


    Cheri, we can share socks, nice to see you again

  3. Resolution: To timetable my laughter and spread it over a reasonable period of time so i don’t run outta oxygen whenever i read this guy’s posts

  4. Darlyne, we didn’t need confirmation. Now you have images in my head of ten packs and tight bottoms. Brrrrrr! Pendulous et ceteras? What are those? Mommy . . .

  5. The naked stunt is only legal after you’ve grown the dreadlocks, you see.

    And the Buy Ugandan thing? I’ve been doing only Ugandant-shirts for years, and I’m glad Freedum is stepping the quality up on Phenix Logistics. Those t-shirts are shit. :o)

  6. Hilarious stuff…..i’d rather u go audition for ugandas stand up comedy star search… hehehe pop idols of sorts thuough with a lot more humour than cynisism.

  7. baz, pacs are not those things that happen when you sit down and your stomach contorts in all sorts of ways. those are called love handles.
    in the same breath, i declare that the nude walk be on held on the 31st of feb. please note that the starting point will be kyaliwajala so i do not miss any moment of the action. i will take it upon myself to take pictures.

  8. I’ve been told that, whereas i may show off my ass in fitting jeans, my ten- pac is for my girl’s eyes only. Sorry, kids.

  9. “I really think that many people out there would appreciate the sight of a naked me walking down the street, and so I resolve to, once in a while, give the world the benefit of that sight.”

    Indeed. So, why not post the pics here?

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