It’s Christmas people. Get off the internets. This is no time for internets!


Mountain Dew Christmas tree
Mountain Dew Christmas tree

See you all on the other side.



  1. man, u seem to be admant on marketing mountain dew….wow crown bev. must be paying u a lot!!!!!!

    A very merry christmas to u and ur folks as well…

  2. Even me I’m staying on the interwebs by force. When you get this please ask my lover to get on the interwebs and read his e-mails. Sorry for the public kalango. 😀 Merry Christmas. I like the tree actually, kinda reminds me of the creative wear section in Miss Uganda. Jah bless.

  3. Me my church is on the Internets. Now if I go off, how will I join in the carol singing? -I’ve been practicing

    Too Much mountain dew makes Baz…..

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. when the time comes, and mountain dew is rewarding customers for unsolicited for bulangos, baz, your name will be on that list…

  5. that was me above. i forgot that this computer in the internet cafe that has a computer that i am sure was not made before 1958 does not auto recognise me. i mean, the popensity! the blasphemy! the nerve.

  6. LoL! we so go to the same chuch Emi!!
    and that mountain Dew xmas tree is a breakthrough in eco solutions…why cut down a tree or spend a fortune buying a plastic tree when you can just recycle all the mountain dew cans you’ve had over the past month to make this lovely tree (…if i can even call it that…)…dont even need lights, the cans are shinny enough!

    i think its genius!
    hats off Baz!


  7. I actually drink Mt.Dew every single day. 1 or 2 bottles at school. Just the other day i actually thought of making a tree like this, but too bad i already threw out all 400 something bottles, or i would of! (: And actually i think it does mess with youur sleeping. I now can’t sleep at night. The doctors say i have to take some pill just to make me fall asleep at night. I don’t know what it’s called though. And good luck with those dentist bills that whoever has to pay for the person who drank all of that!

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