Nze mbadde ngamba

I should have intelligent and amusing things to say about this week. It has been a week of revelations and surprises. It has been a rollercoaster of a week. Big Tings.

But I have nothing, banange. Except these, of course: 


Okay. That was too easy. Let’s crank it up a  notch.


There. A slightly obscure reference. Now you PPTV guys can smirk knowingly while these kids of  DSTv stare at the picture lost and bewildered because they are unable to get the joke. Use this. To feel superior. 



… no way. I don’t have the guts.

Anyway, why hasn’t Ivan updated the Christmas story? What is up with that guy? Erique tell him his shine is in jeopardy.

Man, this is really bad form. This is terrible behaviour. Anyone passing by this blog for the first time will think it isn’t assiduously and professionally run by a dedicated writer who is eager, very eager, to have you like him. This drifer will think I just do this for fun when I feel like it.


Hey, drifter, wait. Wait. Nawe.

There are like 230 posts on this thing. Look at some of them also. Here start with these: (By the way, if that link is bogus, This is more specific. 

I shall now slink off into the weekend. Peace. And Lupe Fiasco.



  1. hey i think i saw u the other day…at Nandos…at the closure time…a real bad service being meted out to u….and u being annoyed!!!!!….i hope it was u…it did match ur caricature pic……but not the pic u posted once on the sunday vision…

  2. Antipop. Spoken like a true DSTV woman.
    Nange ngamba:
    “And now for my next trick…
    …I can make this constitution permit me into life presidency”
    “Watch.” ’05-’06-’07-’08-’09……..5000″

  3. kale i actually googled Benny Hill, good stuff! but Baz, are you sure people don’t get thrown in safe houses for poking fun at the man…..
    In other news, have you heard of this journalist who threw his shoes at George W Bush in Iraq or some such story? Apparently W was quite adept at dodging the bu things. I am off to Youtube to look for that video.

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