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Dante did not hit back at me for insinuating that he was the one photographed carrying a lady’s handbag on Antipop’s blog. This had me nervous for a while, because I thought he was biding his time, waiting patiently for the opportune moment to strike back, like a puma in the shadows. Or a malaria parasite. The puma, probably. But I soon realized that he was not going to retaliate. Because he won’t waste his wrath on a shell that wasn’t actually as funny as I thought it was when I posted it.


Oh well.


BHH was awesome. Or the bits left of it when I arrived were. I met Chanel No 5. Technically, I was meeting her again, as we had been introduced before. However, she was in the company of questionable characters then, so it doesn’t count. 


One of the most weird things about modern office life is this: You send a file, by email, to a colleague who sits a foot and a half away from you. Then after sending it, you call across the room. 


Yo, Bob!

Yes, sir?

Yo, I just sent you email.

Okay please.

Yesterday at BHH everyone was drinking Mountain Dew. Today this is my desktop wallpaper.










my desktop

my desktop